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the AMADEO CLOUD Solution, real-time locking plan, audit trail, remote open and -close

  • Cloud-based System

    the AMADEO INTEGRA System is hosted in the Cloud. It supports and manages the AMADEO Service, which is installed locally

  • Host Interface

    optional linking to the AMADEO INTEGRA System via interface or web-service

  • Push Notifications

    all relevant Push Notifications are supported and generated by the AMADEO Service and are automatically synchronised with the AMADEO INTEGRA System in the Cloud

  • The AMADEO Service controls

    the fragmented database, AMADEO Handheld, AMADEO Access Manager, AMADEO Door Manager, SI::LOCKER, supports the AMADEO Card Encoder

  • Facility Management

    AMADEO INTEGRA System manages the complete facility such as keystructures and hardware

  • Size-dependant

    depending on the size and requirements of your property, we offer different equipment packages for operating and managing our Access Control System